Man Of Steel Spoilers: Lois Lane Wedding Ring & Faora Fight Scene

Yesterday, reported on some Man Of Steel prop items up for auction on iCollector. [...]

Man Of Steel Lois Lane Wedding Ring

Yesterday, reported on some Man Of Steel prop items up for auction on iCollector. While the iCollector prop items didn't seem to reveal any huge Man Of Steel spoilers, we also stumbled across some other Man Of Steel prop items that had been sold previously during another auction. The description on the other Man Of Steel prop items did provide some spoilers. On Live Acutioneers, it looks like the Toomey Waste Collection sign was previously sold. In the description for the Toomey Waste Collection sign, it says, "This is a prop 'Toomey Waste Collection' magnetic sign used on dumpsters in Smallville during the fight scene between Superman (Cavill) and the female villain Faora (Antje Traue), rumored to be General Zod's underling." There is also a listing for a custom made street sign for 'N. Sullivan PL' in the fictional town of Smallville. According to the description  for the sign, "These signs were made and hung in Plano, Ill which doubled for Smallville, Kansas. Also includes a large piece of asphalt/road that was torn up during the fight between Superman and Faora, the villainess of the film." Yet another auction lists a piece of crater rock. According to the description, the crater rock was "left when Superman's Kryptonian ship crashes into the cornfield, and is ultimately found by the Kent family. The rocks were created to represent the intense heat from the impact, and this is one of the very few saved from the crater rim before it was destroyed after filming." However, the most interesting auction might be for a lot of items used by Lois Lane (played by Amy Adams) in the film. The props include "(3) straws, (3) blue pens, (2) yellow mini hi-lighter pens, a large post-it pad, a box of matches with 'SA' inscription, a pack of 10 pencils, one box of push pins with tape that says 'Lois Apt,' a small size 'Thank you' card, an Ace 'Rent-a-Car' receipt, and a faux diamond wedding ring." While most of these Lois Lane items are pretty standard fair, the spoiler is the faux diamond wedding ring. Why would Amy Adams need to use a faux diamond wedding ring in Man Of Steel? Does she get engaged to Clark Kent/Superman? Or does she get engaged or married to someone else? The 'Thank you' card might also be an indication that Lois Lane received engagement or wedding gifts.