New Predator Movie Announced For Hulu

A new Predator movie is coming and it just got announced on Disney+ Day. The film will be titled Prey and serve as an at-home release for Hulu. In an interesting choice for the franchise, the story takes place in 1719 as a Comanche Nation woman named Naru strives to walk her path as a warrior. But, things get even more treacherous when she is confronted with the Predator, who is hunting nearby. Previous reports indicated that Dan Trachtenberg (10 Cloverfield Lane) was directing this feature. Patrick Aison penned the script and things look to be progressing well. In an added twist, it seems that the movie actually wrapped filming in Calgary earlier this year. Jeff Cutter, director of photography posted about the movie under a different name. So, look forward to a big reveal of the logo later today. 

 "And that's a wrap on Skulls! Can't thank @dannytrs enough for inviting me along on this epic journey and entrusting me to help achieve his vision for this film! Thanks to a great cast led by @ambermidthunder, @dakota_beavers and @dd and much love to a brave Calgary crew for diving headfirst in with us! #skulls #predator," Cutter wrote.

Trachtenberg previously tried to downplay the name of this project. "Looking at this old picture of our slate from when we shot 10 Cloverfield Lane and thinking about how sometimes they report on a movie's title, but it's actually just the code name it is shooting under..." he wrote on Instagram.

Alien Vs. Predator Galaxy previously described the film. 

"The story will follow Kee, a Comanche woman who goes against gender norms and traditions to become a warrior. Many years ago - in a time before any Europeans had ever encroached on their lands - the Comanche people had a well-defined society and gender norms. Kee is very close to her younger brother, Taabe, who is being groomed as a leader. As capable as any young man in the tribe, Kee has always been a teacher and source of inspiration for Taabe. In the Comanche way - she is Patsi - the elder sister that has helped to shape him. Kee is a truth-teller and has insight that others do not. A tomboy, she wants to prove herself in the masculine world of the Comanche. When danger threatens them all - Kee sets out to prove that she is as capable as any young warrior." 

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