Nobody: Connie Nielsen Offers Important Self Defense Advice

Nobody is drumming up an action-packed thrill ride which sees Bob Odenkirk unleash a boat load of [...]

Nobody is drumming up an action-packed thrill ride which sees Bob Odenkirk unleash a boat load of pain on anyone who might have taken his daughter's kitty cat bracelet (yes, that's really the plot, and it scored a really solid review). Odenkirk's Hutch just wants to be a family man, living with his wife Becca played by Connie Nielsen. Nielsen doesn't get in on the action sequences in Nobody, though fans who watch the entire movie might pick up a tease of her getting ready to bring some of the Amazon warrior laying dormant inside of her to a possible sequel. While talking to, Nielsen opened up about a very important subject while talking about the action sequences of Nobody, offering up some important self defense advice for women around the world who may find themselves in a situation like her character in Nobody does.

"I'm not gonna lie to you, but most women, just because of the nature of our lives, we make a lot of plans, for what to do," Nielsen explains. "We know our ways around a lot of different things. And I think that, the number one thing that you use, like pretend when you are walking, is the key in the fist, kind of thing, right? So you put your key in the fist, it points out through your fist, you're ready to rock and roll. And it's something that is not likely to be used against yourself."

(Photo: Universal Studios -- Paisley Cadorath (left), Gage Munroe, and Connie Nielsen in a still from "Nobody.")

Nielsen brings up a scary and sad but very real reality that women are faced with around the world which is having to be aware of their surroundings and ready to defend themselves. In fact, it's something which comes up in the film when a young girl finds herself harassed on the bus but a young girl in the real world likely may not have had Odenkirk's super assassin character nearby to defend her.

"So, I think as women, we try to look at, what weapons cannot be used on ourselves," Nielsen explains. "Because that's one of the reasons for why, self-defense experts and police officers say, 'Please don't have a gun and don't have a knife,' or things like that, because they're liable to probably be used against yourself. And so, I think that there are a lot of other ways of doing things. And I think that I would look at, 'What is in my favor?' And the fact that it's in my favor, is that I know my house, and the perp does not. And so I would definitely, try to win as much time as possible, by getting away from the person, so that we can even out some of the differences, and say, he's aggressive, I'm not so aggressive, and so on. So I would think, more sort of like with the brains, and then, try to use weapons that cannot be used against myself."

Nielsen is no stranger to characters who can kick-ass, still. She recently had her full role as Hippolyta in Zack Snyder's Justice League release and the Amazon queen would have quite a strong word of advice for the characters in Nobody, especially Hutch. "She would definitely tell him, to not be so down on himself, to love himself up a little bit, to use gratitude for what he does have, which is a fantastic and loving family, and not to mention wife," Nielsen says. "And to team up, with people on his side, so that he's not so alone."

Nobody hits theaters on March 26.