Pacific Rim: New Photos, Concept Art In Total Film This Week


The new issue of Total Film became available to subscribers and in the U.K. today, and (in addition to a brief interview with Man of Steel star Henry Cavill) included a feature on Guillermo del Toro's forthcoming robots-versus-kaiju film Pacific Rim. And a lot of nice art, including some we hadn't seen before. In addition to a couple of behind-the-scenes photo, there's a ton of concept art and even a fun little infographic that gives readers a sense of scope for the monsters and robots that inhabit the film. "From the get-go, I tried to move away from any aesthetic by guys that own it strongly like Tony Scott, Ridley Scott or Michael Bay, who have these very strong, almost army recruitment video aesthetics, which are highly polished, very cold steel, very long lenses, compressed sunsets," del Toro told Total Film. "I love Crimson Tide, it's one of my very favorites, and I cherish The Rock, but that aesthetic is taken - it's claimed - so I wanted Pacific Rim to find its own language. I wanted to make an incredibly gothic sci-fi." Check the images out below, and pick up a copy of Total Film at the newsstand or on your tablet (these images aren't yet on the magazine's website).