Project Power Writer Reveals His Ideas for the Sequel

As popular as Project Power has been in the first few days since its debut on Netflix, it wouldn't [...]

As popular as Project Power has been in the first few days since its debut on Netflix, it wouldn't be surprising to see the streaming service order a sequel. After all, both Extraction and The Old Guard are getting second films, so it's likely the same could be true for Project Power. While ending of Project Power certainly sets its main characters up for another story, the film's writer actually has a much different idea for any potential follow-ups. recently spoke to screenwriter Mattson Tomlin about his new Netflix film, which was his first feature project to actually make it to audiences. He didn't aim to start an entire superhero franchise with Project Power, but we live in a world of sequels, and Tomlin told us that he had some ideas in mind for what could happen next.

"I think, obviously, the priority is to tell a good story and make a good movie," Tomlin said. "Getting a movie made is so hard. Now, having seen a couple of my projects get off the ground, and this is the first one to see the light of day, I just have such a greater appreciation for every single movie. And so that, full stop, was my thinking there, but of course, to be able to do a franchise, to be able to do more of these. And honestly, as excited as I am at the prospect of continuing with the characters, I think that my idea, a kind of pill that can give you a super power, that's sticky enough that I really want to continue to Rubik's Cube genres. It's like, what's the horror movie version of that idea? What's this coming of age movie version of that idea? And I think that if this movie does well, there's an argument to be made that Netflix should explore that. I hope that fans ravenously start asking for it."

So, instead of following Art, Frank, and Robin on another adventure, a second Project Power could introduce an entirely new set of characters in the same universe. The concept behind Project Power is a versatile one, which lends itself to exploring stories in all sorts of different genres. It's exciting to know that Tomlin is thinking outside the box.

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