Prophet Creator Rob Liefeld Reveals Which Spider-Man Star He Wants As John Prophet

Last week, news broke that Marc Guggenheim is adapting Rob Liefeld's Prophet into a movie. Liefeld [...]

Last week, news broke that Marc Guggenheim is adapting Rob Liefeld's Prophet into a movie. Liefeld spoke to for an episode of Talking Shop. He revealed that his dream casting for the role of John Prophet is Spider-Man: Far From Home star Jake Gyllenhaal. "I'm gonna tell you. Yes, and people would call me crazy," Liefeld says. "I know some of these guys are too, you know, If you go back and look at how Jake Gyllenhaal looked in Prince of Persia, 'cause he got jacked… John Prophet needs a great actor, needs a great actor. And obviously you get into age and who's gonna be cast. Look, Studio 8 may want to get a brand new face. When you think of Chris Hemsworth, we didn't know who he was. And now he's the only Thor you could imagine.

"But John Prophet, like I said, I try and think of these guys who don't have great actors. So I'm gonna go with the weirdo call. If you go back six years and see how jacked Jake Gyllenhaal got. So I mean, I'm not sure how much, how much legs Mysterio has, but it doesn't prevent him from being John Prophet."

Liefeld also commented on why Guggenheim is the perfect fit for Prophet. "John Prophet's story takes a huge twist, a huge turn and Marc is super talented," Liefeld said. "As you know when they told me that we had secured him, Marc was in very competitive position. A lot of people wanted to hire Marc and take his services away, and Studio 8, who's producing the movie, stepped up and secured Marc. When people ask me why I'm so excited about him. Look, the modern comic book television show was formed by Arrow...That show begat Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, you know, on and on and on.

"Marc gets it. He came from comics. Obviously very talented guy. Super excited that he's on board. Super excited that we can share it with the world now. 'Cause now, like I said, Marc and I had several meetings. He walked me through his vision of the movie. And here's what I'll tell you. I don't have to prepare some sort of apology speech or go on an apology tour. I can tell you, I'm excited! Marc is doing great work. And I'm very hopeful. Prophet's got a big sci-fi spectacle. It's very much science fiction, but he has super powers like so many people."