Rambo's Combat History Revealed in Sylvester Stallone's New 'Rambo 5' Photos

Sylvester Stallone has been flexing his Instagram muscles to provide viral teases of his upcoming [...]

Sylvester Stallone has been flexing his Instagram muscles to provide viral teases of his upcoming Rambo finale, Rambo V: Last Blood - and today he's revealing an important piece of Rambo lore in some new photos!

At long last, here is is the official combat history of John Rambo: "Rambo at 20 " Wars starts on the OUTSIDE , but never end on the INSIDE .. " said John. In '68 was an AIR FORCE chopper pilot in '70 transferred to SPECIAL FORCES to '75 then enlisted in DELTA FORCE from 77 to 78..."

The character of John Rambo has become so iconic since first debut in First Blood (1982) that every detail about him has been mined over and argued by fans. If you Google the word "Rambo," one of the top three questions that shows up has to do with the character's status within the military ("Was Rambo a Green Beret?"), which should tell you everything you need to know.

This reveal should be a fun piece of trivia to add to a popular character mythos - but this is social media we're talking about, so clearly it could only spiral out of control. It didn't take long for some (so-called) Rambo fans to actually start clapping back at Stallone, with their own reasoning for why Rambo could/could not have had the military service that Stallone has laid out.

strigoi7 - @rokyanlime - no one said it is. Idk your military background but while we're on the subject. No and no to 101st CAG candidate AND a helo pilot at 20– don't care what medal someone has. 2 of my lifer teammates were recruited in at 36 & 38 respectively. So I'm army movie land yea, but not for the marines anyway. It's far fetched but it's g-damned movie, so who cares lol.

If anything, Stallone having Rambo associated with multiple factions of the armed forces is a tribute to the various service members who actually fulfill those roles everyday. At this point, nothing about Rambo should be taken too literally, given the character's massive symbolic resonance in American cinema and culture.

Last Blood finds John Rambo living in retirement and dealing with physical and mental challenges bad enough to require a caretaker. Rambo gets called back into action when a violent Mexican drug cartel begins kidnapping young girls - including his caretakers' daughter. Rambo tries to go up against the violent criminals, only to find out he's no match for them. Rumored story details point to Rambo having to be nursed back from the brink of death, and retraining himself to finish one last battle against the cartel.

Rambo V: Last Blood is expected sometime this year.