Razzie Awards to Keep "Worst Bruce Willis" Award Despite Criticisms After Controversial Tweet

Bruce Willis appeared in eight films in 2021, none of which got a theatrical release, and none of which were positively received by critics and fans. That led to a special category at the Golden Raspberry Awards, and the "Razzies" will not rescind Willis's award, in spite of yesterday's revelation that the actor has been diagnosed with aphasia, and will step away from acting. Fans on social media don't like that the Razzie will remain in place, or the way the Razzies handled inquiries, responding with a statement that was widely perceived as disrespectful, and then doubling down on it.

Rumors began circulating last week that Willis left starring role in big feature films behind as a result of memory problems, opting instead to do glorified cameos in movies where he only had to work a day or two and then leave. The truth behind those rumors emerged yesterday, when members of Willis's family revealed that he had been diagnosed with aphasia, a cognitive disorder that affects how an individual communicates, including speech.

"The Razzies are truly sorry for Bruce Willis' diagnosed condition," the Razzies wrote on Twitter. "Perhaps this explains why he wanted to go out with a bang in 2021. Our best wishes to Bruce and family."

The Razzies created a special award in this year's ceremony, called "Worst Performance By Bruce Willis in a 2021 Movie," which Willis's performance in Cosmic Sin "won." The award was presented the day before the Academy Awards. The Razzies explained that they only learned of Willis's diagnosis yesterday, and that the category was specific to 2021, and was never intended to be an ongoing category. Willis previously earned two Razzies, in 1992 and 1999.

The Razzies' statement drew criticism from fans, especially their "go out with a bang" suggestion. Instead of deleting it and issuing an apology, as some on Twitter had requested, they released a number of statements intended to clarify their intent, and seemingly just made things worse.

In a statement to TheWrap, the organization said, "Whoever handles Willis' affairs should probably not have permitted him to do such a high volume of work in such a short time, especially if they were aware of his situation. In Willis' defense, his reps should have kept a better eye on his legacy."

In 2021, Willis appeared in American SiegeApexCosmic SinDeadlockFortressMidnight in the SwitchgrassOut of Death, and Survive the Game.