'Ready Player One' Opening Night Box Office Haul & New Projection Released

Ready Player One is off to a good start at the box office, prompting analysts to adjust their expectations of the holiday weekend.

The Steven Spielberg directed film has now earned $12.1 million, with $3.75 million coming from Wednesday preview night showings, according to Deadline's report. The strong debut shifts estimates for the weekend into Ready Player One landing in the $49.4 million to $52 million range. With most schools closed on Friday, the true strength of Ready Player One will finally be tested heading into the weekend.

Ready Player One is set to make a splash in China, as well. Having earned a 9.1 review rating on Douban, a review brand which typically lands Hollywood films in the 6 or 7 review rating range, the Warner Brothers movie is looking at a $14.75 million opening day in the Middle Kingdom.

In second place on Thursday was Black Panther. The Marvel Studios and Disney film pulled in $2.07 million, pushing its total box office haul to a massive $639.4 million. Universal's Pacific Rim Uprising fell to third with $1.7 million, marking a week-long take of $36.5 million. Fourth place was claimed by I Can Only Imagine, which earned $1.67 million.


Ready Player One is Spielberg's first live-action film in a decade. It is now playing in theaters. Have you seen Ready Player One yet? Share your thoughts in the comment section!