Relive Raiders Of The Lost Ark With This....Candle?

Behold the best piece of film merchandise you'll find all year—and it comes from an 80's movie.

Relive Major Toht's face-melting fate from Raiders of the Lost Ark in analog glory with this brilliant candle. Who needs YouTube when all you need is a simple matchstick?

Believe us when we say that this is one collectible you'll want to take out of the box. For the like, three of you out there that haven't seen Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Major Toht was a Nazi villain from the first Indiana Jones film. When the Axis scum gets in the way of the Ark's true power, his face melts off in terrific 80's special effects-fashion.


As i09 notes, this candle is available through UK retailer Firebox for $30. It's more expensive than a Blu-ray, sure, but come on. You owe yourself this.