Ryan Reynolds Gives Hilarious Responses to Birthday Tweets: "Deadpool 3 Is Practically Writing Itself"

Friday is the 44th birthday of one Ryan Reynolds, the widely loved producer and star of Marvel's Deadpool franchise. Of course, like all popular celebrities, social media has been flooded with birthday messages for Reynolds, both from fans and industry peers. However, given Reynolds' sense of humor, and perhaps as payback for the one-of-a-kind birthday messages he's known for sending out, his inbox has been filled with jokes and embarrassing photos to celebrate his special day.

For many of these "Happy Birthday" tweets, which feature throwback photos, fire hydrants, and jokes about Hugh Jackman, Reynolds has issued a hilarious reply. The actor is matching humor with humor, making for some great social media exchanges.

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield posted an image of a fire hydrant that was pained to look like a Deadpool suit, along with a message for Reynolds to wish him a Happy Birthday, and remind him to be careful of passing dogs. Reynolds replied by joking that "Deadpool 3 is practically writing itself."

It would be a good day online if there wasn't any kind of back and forth between Reynolds and Jackman, longtime friends who have created a hysterical rivalry with their Internet personas. Jackman shared a photo of Reynolds as a kid, playing drums and wearing an enormous shirt. He called his former co-star "lil' buddy" in the tweet. Reynolds simply responded by saying, "That shirt was a cry for help."

Jimmy Fallon, host of The Tonight Show, decided to post a photo from a time he and Reynolds were playing a game on his late night talk series. The picture sees Reynolds spitting water all over Fallon's face. Fallon used it to make a joke about the ongoing coronavirus, acknowledging that it "didn't age well" and that they "probably" won't do it again. With one of his wittier comebacks, Reynolds told Fallon that, "generally speaking, this has always been frowned upon."


Perhaps the funniest birthday tweet of the day comes from Stewart Reynolds, aka Brittlestar, who shared a video filled with compliments seemingly about Reynolds. However, when it came time for him say the person's name, he began to say "Hugh Jackman" before the audio was cut out and dubbed over with another voice saying "Ryan Reynolds." The actor responded by saying, "He got to you too."

If it's not clear already, there's no one that handles Twitter birthdays quite as well as Ryan Reynolds. May he have 100 more.