Hugh Jackman Trolls Ryan Reynolds' Birthday With Hilarious Throwback Photo

Hugh Jackman is at it again in his 'Faux Feud' with Ryan Reynolds. It's Reynold's birthday today, [...]

Hugh Jackman is at it again in his "Faux Feud" with Ryan Reynolds. It's Reynold's birthday today, and Jackman struck with a throwback photo of a young (and very nerdy-looking) Ryan Reynolds playing his drum set, with the caption, "Happy birthday lil' buddy!" Not to be outdone, Ryan Reynolds responded by taking the shot from Jackman in stride: "That shirt was a cry for help." Fans of both Marvel movie stars know and love the turns of this Faux Feud on social media - and look forward to major occasions in each actor's life, for this very reason!

To be fair, Jackman is technically clapping back at Reynolds, since Reynolds took a birthday shot at Jackman. Reynolds posted an Instagram video in which he joked that Jackman was alone in his home because Reynolds had flown his family down to celebrate his birthday instead:

"Hey, Hugh! Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and to tell you that I love you," Reynolds said. "I'm down here in Atlanta so I wish I could be celebrating with you. You may notice it's a little quiet around the house this morning, that's because I flew Deb and the kids and the dogs, and your friends and furniture down here to celebrate your birthday with me. And we're having an amazing time. And, um, we miss you."

The Hugh Jackman / Ryan Reynolds Faux Feud goes back to when Reynolds was making/promoting Deadpool 2, in 2017. Reynolds had (jokingly) requested Hugh Jackman's Wolverine join the franchise, but Jackman had retired from the role after Logan was released that same year. That X-Men movie betrayal started a rivalry, as the two actors (who are actually good friends) started sniping at each other over social media.

Reynolds has taken the most shots in 2020, starting with a Photoshop invasion of one of Hugh Jackman's travel photos. When Hugh Jackman launched a new coffee line, Reynolds hijacked the narration of its advertisement. Jackman recently did an Australian commercial in the nude, and Reynolds had jokes. Even when Jackman tried to enjoy a nice dance with his pet dog, Ryan Reynolds was there to mock friend.

What will be next in the Jackman/Reynolds Faux Feud?