Drew Goddard to Write and Possibly Direct 'Sabrina' Movie

Pockets of the nerd world are eagerly waiting to see Drew Goddard potentially bring X-Force to [...]

Pockets of the nerd world are eagerly waiting to see Drew Goddard potentially bring X-Force to life, but it sounds like the fan-favorite director might soon be putting his stamp on another comic book project.

According to a new report from Collider, Goddard has been tapped to write - and potentially direct - a film adaptation of Nick Drnaso's Sabrina. The project will be financed by New Regency and RT Features.

For the uninitiated, Sabrina has nothing to do with a certain teenage witch of the same name. The story follows a man whose girlfriend, Sabrina, goes missing, prompting him to live with his old friend — an Air Force surveillance expert who is dealing with a failed marriage. After a grisly videotape is anonymously sent to news outlets, Sabrina's disappearance goes viral. As the 24-hour news cycle and social media take hold of the story, the two men are targeted by vitriolic conspiracy theorists who threaten their sense of the truth and their faith in each other.

The graphic novel was initially published in May of last year, and made its way onto a number of "best books" lists.

Goddard's filmography includes The Cabin in the Woods, Bad Times at the El Royale, as well as episodes of Lost, The Defenders, and Daredevil. He previously was nominated for an Academy Award for his script for The Martian.

For some Marvel fans, this update might be a bit bittersweet, as Goddard directing the project might put a wrinkle in X-Force hitting the big screen. While the film's status was already put in a bit of jeopardy by Disney's acquisition of 20th Century Fox, Goddard has still expressed a desire to bring the project to life.

"I tend to focus very intensely on one project at a time," Goddard said in October of last year. "I sort of am just finishing up Bad Times here. I think once we do that, once we've birthed this movie out into the world, then it'll be time to [figure out] what's next, and meet with Ryan, and Fox and Disney, and figure out what makes sense."

"I think so. Ryan and I have a very good communication, and we're both incredibly excited about the opportunities," he explained. "I think when you're dealing with billion-dollar mergers, it's hard to know what's going to happen to be honest." He then adds with a laugh, "Like when Disney and Fox are combining, those issues are so far above our paygrade! I've learned to just be patient and wait and see what happens, and go from there."

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