Scream's David Arquette Weighs in on Neve Campbell Leaving Franchise (Exclusive)

During an exclusive interview with ComicBook, Scream star David Arquette weighed in on Neve Campbell confirming she won't be in Scream 6. Over the weekend, rumors began to circulate that Campbell wouldn't be returning for the latest installment despite being the central character across the series. Although a new generation of actors was the core focus of the latest Scream film, Campbell's character, Sidney Prescott, helped save the day. With the news that Scream 6 is already underway and coming in 2023, it was assumed that Campbell would be back yet again, but the actress stated she would not be part of the film. "As a woman, I have had to work extremely hard in my career to establish my value, especially when it comes to Scream," said Campbell in a statement. "I felt the offer that was presented to me did not equate to the value I have brought to the franchise."

During an interview with ComicBook regarding his new game, The Quarry, we had a chance to ask David Arquette about Campbell's announcement, which broke just minutes before the interview. He expressed his understanding and respect for her decision, but noted that a Scream movie without Sidney is "unfortunate" and hopes she can come back in future installments.

"I'd love for her to be a part of it," said Arquette. "A Scream movie without Sidney is kind of unfortunate, but I understand her decision. It's all a business in a way, they have to balance all these elements to fit a budget and produce a film. I get it, she's still alive! She [can] absolutely be in future ones, but I think it's up to fans to call for that in the future. [...] That is sudden, it's a business, though. I respect her decision, for sure."

David Arquette played Dewey Riley, a cop in Woodsboro that becomes one of the three main leads across the entire Scream franchise. He told ComicBook that he's "not looped in" on what's going on with Scream 6, as his character was killed in the last film. Courtney Cox has confirmed she will star in Scream 6, making her the only one of the iconic trio to be in the film. As Arquette stated, Sidney is still very much alive in the Scream universe, meaning the door is open for Neve Campbell to return if all parties can come to an agreement. 

Scream 6 is scheduled to release on March 31st, 2023Jenna OrtegaMelissa BarreraMason Gooding, and Jasmin Savoy Brown are all expected to reprise their roles from the fifth Scream film. The sequel also recently added Dermot Mulroney to the cast and will bring back Hayden Panettiere as Kirby, a beloved character from Scream 4.

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