Scream 6 Is Now Certified Fresh

The Scream franchise returned to theaters this past weekend and immediately broke its own records. Scream VI delivered the biggest opening weekend ever for a Scream film at the box office, proving that fans of the longtime slasher series are as invested as ever. Not only have the fans been showing out for Scream VI, but the film is also among the most well-reviewed Scream entries to-date. This week, Scream VI passed a critical milestone, officially becoming Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.

The official Scream Twitter account revealed on Monday that Scream VI had become Certified Fresh on the aggregate review site. At the time of this writing on Monday evening, Scream VI holds a score of 77% from a total of 231 reviews.

While Scream VI may have the biggest opening weekend box office of any Scream film, it doesn't quite have the best reviews of the series. Surprisingly, Scream 2 holds that honor, with an 82% score on Rotten Tomatoes. The original Scream, widely considered to be the best of the series, has a score of 80%. Scream 3 is the lowest of the franchise with a 41% score, the only Scream movie with a "Rotten" rating. Scream 4 holds a 60% score while the 2022 Scream reboot comes in at 76%.

Given the critical reaction to Scream VI, and its massive success at the box office, it seems likely that Paramount will be giving the green light to Scream VII at some point in the near future. If that is the case, the creative team remains hopeful they can bring back franchise stalwart Neve Campbell, who opted not to participate in Scream VI because she felt the contract offer didn't compensate her properly.

"Look, she is an amazing person. We had an amazing time with her on [2022's Scream], [so] we look at that and say, she is a spectacular part of this franchise," producer William Sherak told Deadline in a recent interview. "We want her to make decisions that are right for her, and she will always be welcome and part of this franchise. I think the fun of what [writers] Jamie [Vanderbilt] and Guy [Busick] did in 5 and 6 proves that anybody can exist in this franchise at any moment. So, we look at it and go, 'It's a door, it's open, and at any time you can walk through the door, whoever it is, as a legacy character.' We continue to just widen how many legacy characters we have, and they're all amazing people that we can bring back at any time."

Scream VI is now playing in theaters.