Scream 6 Producers Address Neve Campbell's Possible Return for New Sequel

Longtime Scream star Neve Campbell confirmed last year that she wouldn't be returning for Scream VI, as she felt her contributions to the franchise weren't being compensated appropriately, with the new film being absent of her Sidney Prescott. Despite the absence, the filmmakers behind the last two films in the series aren't ruling out Sidney's return in the future, as they expressed that the long-running nature of the franchise means not every character needs to appear in every installment and that they have the potential to come and go from the narrative. A Scream 7 has not yet been announced and Scream VI is in theaters now.

"Look, she is an amazing person. We had an amazing time with her on [2022's Scream], [so] we look at that and say, she is a spectacular part of this franchise," producer William Sherak detailed to Deadline. "We want her to make decisions that are right for her, and she will always be welcome and part of this franchise. I think the fun of what [writers] Jamie [Vanderbilt] and Guy [Busick] did in 5 and 6 proves that anybody can exist in this franchise at any moment. So, we look at it and go, 'It's a door, it's open, and at any time you can walk through the door, whoever it is, as a legacy character.' We continue to just widen how many legacy characters we have, and they're all amazing people that we can bring back at any time."

He continued, "This story is amazing in the way it lived, and everybody in it is spectacular. And as we look to the future, should we be allowed to continue making them, any and everybody that has been in them before can come be part of them again. Our legacy cast is part of our family and we look at them that way, and we just want to keep having a good time making them, so at any moment, that can be part of the franchise. "

While this will surely have audiences excited that Campbell's exit from the series might not be permanent, there are elements about this specific franchise that might cause some challenges. Since the debut film, when a main character is introduced and they survive to the end of the film, they appear in a sequel. However, the first major change to this formula is Hayden Panettiere's Kirby Reed, who was attacked in Scream 4, didn't have a role in the sequel Scream, and returned for Scream VI. If a story for Scream 7 emerges, this would make a return from Sidney more possible

Stay tuned for details on Campbell's potential return for a possible Scream 7.

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