Sharknado 4 Poster Spotted


The movie blog Cinema Goo has spotted the first known poster for Sharknado 4, and shared it via Twitter.

Sharknado 3 premiered in June and ended on a cliffhanger, with a message that, "You decide if #AprilLives or #AprilDies."

The fourth installment, expected along in 2016, will allow fans on the Internet to vote on the ultimate fate of Tara Reid's character.

"This one has to be successful, but as long as Syfy wants them, we'll keep doing them," director Anthony C. Ferrante told Variety at the time of the announcement. "It's a summer event now. It's like a blockbuster movie, but for free on the network. People have parties and even kids love it. You embrace it as long as you can embrace it. As long as everyone wants to keep coming back and we have fun with it, I think you do it."