Space Jam Is Leaving Netflix

The Michael Jordan-starring Space Jam has been a major hit on Netflix over the last month or so, [...]

The Michael Jordan-starring Space Jam has been a major hit on Netflix over the last month or so, consistently popping up in the streaming service's Top 10 list. However, it's time of flying like an eagle is soon coming to an end. Yes, one of the most popular films on the entire site is going to be leaving next month, news that is sure to disappoint plenty of movie fans around the country.

On Thursday, Netflix released its monthly newsletter of new arrivals and upcoming departures, revealing every movie and TV show coming to and leaving the service in April. Sadly, at the very end of the "leaving" list is Space Jam, which makes its exit on April 30th. You've got one more month to watch Michael Jordan play basketball with the Looney Tunes for free.

This news is especially devastating for basketball fans who have been using Space Jam as a placeholder for the real sport. The NBA was the first professional sports league to suspend its season in the wake of the coronavirus crisis, after Utah Jazz center and reigning Defensive Player of the Year Rudy Gobert tested positive for COVID-19. Shortly after that, the NCAA made the difficult decision to cancel the annual March Madness tournament, one of the most popular sporting events of the entire year. There's no basketball to be found right now, and soon there will be a little less on Netflix.

Space Jam never got great reviews from critics, and it wasn't exactly a smash hit upon its release in 1996, but it has earned a cult status in the 24 years since. Most '90s kids have incredibly fond memories of the movie, as well as its stellar, Seal-led soundtrack. Fortunately, the current face of the NBA, LeBron James, is hard at work on a Space Jam sequel.

April 30th will be a tough day for movie fans. In addition to Space Jam, movies like Blade Runner, Dirty Harry, The Hangover, GoodFellas, and True Grit are also leaving Netflix.

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