Jamie Foxx Says Spawn Reboot Is Special and Original, Compares It to Joker

A movie based on Todd McFarlane's Image Comics character Spawn has been in the works for quite some time now and while there hasn't been a lot in the way of major news, McFarlane has offered updates here and there, including recently telling ComicBook.com that a big announcement is coming, But now, Jamie Foxx, who is set to star in the film, is offering some pretty big updates of his own, revealing to us that the film is "special and original" while comparing it to another original take on a comic book character — Joker.

"I will tell you this. I talk to Todd and the thing is that we want to craft something that is so special because I remember seeing the first Spawn movies and then seeing the HBO versions and so we have something that is almost like an original, without giving too much away," Foxx said. "But it starts in a. way that is so cool. And it's not big budget, you know? And that's what I love about it. It's sort of like how when they did the Joker. The Joker, yes, is here, but the story about this man who was in fire, it's the same with what we're doing with this. And so, we're just like, just getting this right, cooking it right, but staying in contact, keeping the energy going and when we lay it on you, there's gonna be some moments where you go "oh man." You've been watching everybody shoot their shot and now we're getting ready to shoot ours."

McFarlane himself told us a bit about progress on the project earlier this year, acknowledging that while there haven't been a ton of satisfying answers about the film, there's a lot going on to make it a reality.

"I get it, because we're living in a weird time, in the pandemic, and nobody wants to say anything, because you don't know what's going to happen and whatever else," McFarlane explained. "But we as a collective team are doing what needs to be done to keep this moving. We put a little bit of pressure on ourselves to say, 'Can we have by midyear something really big and tangible to go public with?' Which is not only to backtrack on the people we've added, but to also say, 'And we sold it to a studio.' Something that's really tangible. That it's like we're not just farting around." 

"I know when people don't get concrete names and information and stuff, and when I have to say, 'Stuff's happening. Just wait,' that's not very satisfying answer, which is essentially what I'm saying. And that's what's frustrating because I know that it's way more than that happening. And you know, dealing on the Hollywood front, with all the stuff, there are lots and lots of things going on that have yet to be sort of announced," he added. "But yeah, I fall in that same bucket, but at least we're all rowing in the same direction right now. So, I think there's a bit of a distraction, but now, I think we're all pretty focused here, and everybody wants the same goal, which is, 'Let's take this thing to the next level. Come on, guys, let's go.'"

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