Spider-Man Fan Film Puts Miles Morales in the Sam Raimi Universe

Miles Morales is one of the biggest names in superhero comics today. After the character led the [...]

Miles Morales is one of the biggest names in superhero comics today. After the character led the Oscar-winning Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, he's now getting his own superhero game and his first comic book appearance is arguably the hottest book on the market. Though we've yet to see the character in live-action — something that will happen in due time, that's much is certain — one super fan has taken it upon himself to insert the character into the Spider-Man universe created in Sam Raimi's trilogy of the early 2000s.

Using some canned footage from the aforementioned trilogy with new footage shot in the past several months, YouTuber Lost Utopia Films created a minute-and-a-half teaser for Miles: A Spider-Man Movie, set in the same continuity where Tobey Maguire played Peter Parker, long after the events of Spider-Man 3.

The project itself started in 2017 when Tarrell Christie was on a run. A Spider-Man fan to the fullest, Christie was listening to Danny Elfman's score while on the run and that's when it all clicked — a live-action fan movie featuring Morales needed to be made. That's when he took it up himself to film the teaser with a budget of just $500, visual effects and all.

"I assembled my small crew of filmmaking and acting friends, and began breaking down what it would take to make a Spider-Man film possible. I used behind the scenes featurettes from past films as a Spider-Man film school," Christie said of the project. "I went through a lot of drafts to make something that was possible for $300, but still felt like a big movie. I originally planned on using little to no CGI for the swinging scenes because I had never worked with it before, but after a crash course lesson I realized it could be possible."

The film was then shot last August through December in various locations across Iowa, notably Cedar Falls and Des Moines. "I knew some of the visual effects would be tricky to shoot, so I had to take on both directing and cinematography duties to save time," the aspiring filmmaker added. "After filming I edited for 5 months, most of which went towards the visual effect shots."

He concluded, "The final project cost roughly $500 and was the most fun and personal project I've made."

Raimi's Spider-Man movies are now available wherever movies are sold.

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