Star Wars: Alden Ehrenreich Reveals What It Would Take for Him to Play Han Solo Again

Some Star Wars actors love their characters so much that they have volunteered to reprise them in [...]

Some Star Wars actors love their characters so much that they have volunteered to reprise them in any opportunity they can, though Solo: A Star Wars Story actor Alden Ehrenreich recently pointed out that he'd really only be interested in returning to the galaxy far, far away if a filmmaker found a natural reason to bring the character back for continued adventures. Lucasfilm has yet to reveal any plan to continue the standalone adventures either of Han Solo or any of the other characters featured in the spinoff film, so it might be a moot point anyway, but Ehrenreich's comments sound like he would be somewhat reluctant to return to the franchise.

"It depends on what it is. It depends on how it's done," Ehrenreich revealed to Esquire about a possible return. "It depends if it feels innate to the story."

In the years since Solo hit theaters, the actor sounded as though he has detached from that franchise almost entirely, having revealed he never saw Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and barely being able to remember the name of The Mandalorian.

While the film sits at 70% positive reviews on aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes, putting it above The Rise of Skywalker and select installments in the prequel trilogy, Solo failed to cross the $400-million mark at the worldwide box office. Given the relatively strong critical reactions, no one really knows why the film fell short of box office expectations, with some theories being that it was released too soon after the last Star Wars film, as it was only six months after Star Wars: The Last Jedi's release, as others claimed that it merely wasn't the same event film as other installments, and some thought it was the behind-the-scenes creative shake-ups that killed interest in it among fans.

As it currently stands, Lucasfilm is slated to release three films in December 2022, December 2024, and December 2026, though the studio hasn't even hinted at what those films could be. Meanwhile, in the TV landscape, The Mandalorian is being planned through a third season, while three other live-action series have been confirmed for Disney+.

Virtually since Solo debuted, rumors have swirled about all of its characters potentially being revived for future projects, though none of those rumors have been confirmed in any substantial capacity.

Stay tuned for details on Ehrenreich potentially returning to the franchise.

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