Stephen King and Joe Hill's Throttle Adaptation in the Works for HBO Max

Recent years have seen a major resurgence of adaptations of Stephen King stories, as well as those [...]

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Recent years have seen a major resurgence of adaptations of Stephen King stories, as well as those of his son, author Joe Hill, with the latest adaptation being King and Hill's collaborative effort in the novella Throttle, which HBO Max is developing into a film, per Deadline. Leigh Dana Jackson is set to write the screenplay while David S. Goyer and Keith Levine will be serving as producers on the project. The novella was originally published in 2009 and earned a comic book adaptation in 2012. Due in part to the coronavirus pandemic halting production on various movies and TV series, it's unclear when the project is expected to debut.

In Throttle, which is part of the anthology book He Is Legend, "A trucker is pitted against a tribe of motorcycle outlaws in the Nevada desert."

While King adaptations have been churned out with regularity over the past four decades, Hill's work has also regularly been the source of live-action experiences. His second novel, Horns, was adapted into a film starring Daniel Radcliffe back in 2013. AMC delivered the first season of an adaptation of Hill's third novel, NOS4A2, last year with its second season set to premiere in June.

NOS4A2's second season picks up eight years after the events of season one. Vic McQueen (Ashleigh Cummings) remains more determined than ever to destroy Charlie Manx (Zachary Quinto). Charlie, having faced his own mortality, emerges desperate for revenge against Vic. This time, he sets his sights on the person who means most to Vic – her eight-year-old son Wayne. The race for Wayne's soul sends Vic and Charlie on a high-speed collision course, forcing both to confront the mistakes of their pasts in order to secure a hold on Wayne's future.

One of the most recent King projects that was in production was a new take on his epic novel The Stand, which is slated to debut on CBS All Access. Due to the current pandemic, many fans of the author have likened our current situation to the events of that novel, as it features a world in which a weaponized strain of influenza wipes out a majority of the earth's population, forcing survivors to band together to move forward with civilization, despite the emergence of an otherworldly threat.

Stay tuned for details on the upcoming adaptation of Throttle.

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