Stephen King's Children of the Corn Reboot Coming From Equilibrium Director

The coronavirus pandemic may have halted a number of movie and TV productions around the globe, but The Hollywood Reporter recently pointed out that Equilibrium director Kurt Wimmer was in the process of shooting a remake of Children of the Corn in Sydney. The first film adaptation of King's story came in 1984 and, while it might not be considered one of the most successful of King's adaptations, it has managed to earn nine sequels, the most recent of which, Children of the Corn: Runaway, debuted in 2018. Only the film's first sequel, however, actually landed in theaters, as all others have premiered directly on home video.

Stephen King's official website describes the original short story, "Burt and Vicky are traveling through Nebraska on their way to California on a vacation meant to save their failing marriage. After being involved in an accident in which they run over a young boy who ran into the road, they take the body to Gaitlin, a small isolated community nearby. The story centers on their encounters with the strange citizens of Gaitlin and the entity they call 'He Who Walks Behind the Rows.'”

Thanks in large part to the success of 2017's IT, a number of Stephen King stories are being looked to in hopes of inspiring new reboots of properties that may have already been adapted. New takes on stories like The Stand, Salem's Lot, and The Tommyknockers are all in various stages of development, despite having previously earned adaptations.

With this new take on the story being shot in Australia and with production having launched with little public fanfare, it would seem that the project will also ultimately land on home video instead of getting a theatrical release.

No matter what the adaptation might be, King typically supports his stories being turned into movies and TV series, leaving us to wonder what his thoughts are on the current reboot of Children of the Corn. Back in 2016, the author shared his support for the original movie, but admitted he didn't enjoy its many sequels.

"I guess there are a number of pictures that I feel like, a little bit like, yuck," King shared with Deadline. "There’s one, Graveyard Shift, that was made in the '80s. Just kind of a quick exploitation picture. I could do without all of the Children of the Corn sequels. I actually like the original pretty well. I thought they did a pretty good job on that. Of the smaller pictures, the best one is probably Cujo, with Dee Wallace."


Stay tuned for details on the new Children of the Corn.

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