Sylvester Stallone Shares Photos From ‘Rambo 5: Last Blood’

The long-awaited fifth Rambo film is expected to hit theaters this year and the movie’s star, [...]

The long-awaited fifth Rambo film is expected to hit theaters this year and the movie's star, Sylvester Stallone, is teasing fans with some stills from the flick.

In a recent Instagram post, the actor shared five images from Rambo 5: Last Blood.

"Gabriella wants to go to Mexico to see her father who deserted her many years ago. Rambo and Gabriella's grandmother are very much against this… 'I just want to ask him why he left us…' She says and begins her journey," he wrote.

He also tagged actors Adriana Barraza and Yvette Monreal, who will be playing Maria Beltran and Gabriella, respectively.

Many fans were quick to comment on the post, excited that Stallone is stepping back into his iconic character for the first time since 2008's Rambo.

"I'm intrigued! But I don't want to know too much…," @choppermoseley wrote.


"This one is interesting. Looks nothing like a Rambo movie. But that's the special part," @alexgaston_art replied.

This isn't the first time Stallone has shared images from Last Blood. Earlier this month, he shared photos of Rambo's adopted family and pictures from the character's combat history.

Back in November, lots of story details were released for the new movie.

According to Splash Report, the film's synopsis is one to get excited about. "Stallone recruited newcomer Matt Cirulnick to pen a script that would see Rambo face down the Mexican Cartel and provide the character with one final sendoff, aptly titled Rambo: Last Blood." This, of course, is a nod to the first Rambo film, First Blood.

The details given by Splash Report are vast, revealing the story "begins with a violent and horrific cold open." We'll apparently start with the cartel kidnapping a young girl before the movie takes us on a journey to Bowie, Arizona, where we last left John Rambo. While Rambo is living the quiet life and working on his farm, he's also dealing with "severe PTSD" and even has a caregiver. The story "really kicks into gear" when his caregiver reveals her daughter, who Rambo has become attached to, has also been kidnapped.

The synopsis continues with moments of violent torture by Rambo, daring rescues, and some important deaths. If you're looking for spoilers, Splash Report has got you covered with some extremely specific details. We're happy to report that they sum up Last Blood by saying it's "about as straightforward as an R rated action film gets."

In addition to returning as Rambo, it was just announced that Stallone will be starring in the upcoming superhero film, Samaritan. Other upcoming projects include Escape Plane: The Extractors, Tough as They Come, and Hunter. An Expendables 4 film is also listed as "In Development" on Stallone's IMDB page, but no official word on when or if the fourth installment is actually happening.

Rambo 5: Last Blood is expected to hit theaters sometime this year.


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