The Batman: Jeffrey Wright Reveals How They're Making a Gritty, Real Gotham

The release date for Matt Reeves' The Batman has been pushed back to October of next year, but that's not stopping us from staying excited about the film. The movie will feature a star-studded cast, including Jeffrey Wright as Jim Gordon. During a recent interview with SiriusXM’s The Jess Cagle Show, Wright was asked about playing Commissioner Gordon. However, it's worth noting that Wright clarified, “I play Gordon. I’ll just say that. So yes, I play Jim Gordon.” This obviously makes us think that he won’t be acting as commissioner in the film. The actor also went on to discuss the movie and explain how they're making a gritty, real Gotham.

“The way that I kind of explained what we’re doing is that, like with any film, we’re working together to create a mood, to create an idea, a setting, a tone. That’s all being led of course by Matt Reeves. He’s created this vision for this thing that, of course, is the next evolution, you know, since 1939 when these stories began. This is the next evolution of Gotham. I’m working off of the stage that Matt has provided and also working off of what Robert [Pattinson] is doing. We’re trying to create something together that is, you know, that’s our own but is also Batman."

After talking about the images previously released by Reeves, Wright explained, “That really is kind of indicative of what we’re doing in that it’s something that you recognize. Something that’s super hyped up.” He added, “It’s grounded in Gotham, it’s grounded in Americana. It’s something that you can relate to and I think those are the types of elements that were really kind of driving us… How do we make it gritty, real Gotham, and at the same time give it all the, you know… veneer and the excitement of the Batman franchise.” You can watch the full clip in the video above or click here.

Recently, an Instagram post by Wright had fans even more convinced that The Long Halloween is going to see some love in the upcoming film. The movie, which also seems to draw inspiration from the Scott Snyder/Greg Capullo run on Batman as well as Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo's take on the character, is currently taking a break from production. You can check out Wright's post here.

The Batman is currently set to hit theaters on October 1, 2021.