The Batman Release Date Delayed

DC's The Batman movie has reportedly had its release date pushed from June 2021 to October 1, [...]

DC's The Batman movie has reportedly had its release date pushed from June 2021 to October 1, 2021, according to The Wrap and Deadline. No more information has given (at the time of writing this) but a statement from Warner Bros. should be expected. The Batman's delay is not at all surprising: in fact, for weeks now it's been speculated that it would be announced by the studio. Warner Bros. had to shut down director Matt Reeves' production when the Coronavirus Pandemic forced lockdown measures in March. With The Batman's filming schedule now off-track by at least a month, it seemed all but impossible for Reeves and Co. to meet the original release date.

As a matter of fact: on a recent episode of ComicBook Nation Podcast, we discussed this exact scenario and why it may actually prove beneficial to The Batman's chances at the box office. October 1st is, of course, the same date that Warner Bros. and DC released Joker last year; while The Batman is not the same kind of awards-courting prestige film that Joker was, director Matt Reeves is still going for something that is atmospherically different than what we've seen from Batman movies - the kind of standalone, creator-driven film that Warner Bros. has focused in on, as the formula for the DC brand's success. That's all to say: October is a great window with little superhero competition, and the kind of darker atmosphere that might only boost excitement for The Batman.

...That's going to be especially true if rumor pans out, and Reeves' Batman reboot is indeed drawing from "The Long Halloween" as its inspiration. That story (as its title suggests) sees Batman in the second year of his career as a vigilante, investigating the case of a serial killer that strikes on major holidays only, starting on Halloween. The case consumes Batman, the mob, the growing underworld of costumed villains, and even Gotham's lawmen, like Commissioner Gordon and new D.A. Harvey Dent. The premise for The Long Halloween also happens to tick many of the boxes Matt Reeves has hinted at or revealed, as part of his Batman movie story.

If Reeves is indeed basing The Batman on "The Long Halloween", then Warner Bros. may want to reconsider its marketing strategy and start building those connections out in the open. As stated, the new October release date would play perfectly into the marketing of that kind of storyline.

The Batman is now set to hit theater on October 1, 2021.