The Dark Knight Rises Becomes The Lion King Rises

The Dark Knight Rises Movie 2012

A little over a week ago, made note of all the parody videos that the most recent Dark Knight Rises trailer was inspiring. We even created a list of the top five Dark Knight Rises trailer parody videos. Well, now it's a new year, and The Dark Knight Rises parodies just keep on coming. Two more have popped up that definitely belong on our best Dark Knight Rises parody videos list. These two new ones are particularly clever because they don't rely on the obvious joke of making fun of Bane's voice. The Lion King Rises: Dark Knight Rises Trailer Parody is quite possibly the best movie mash-up that we've ever seen. It was uploaded to YouTube by Bran Hansen, who lists himself as an editor and director out of Los Angeles, California. He is obviously very good at his job, because as we mentioned, this mash-up is incredible. The parody video dubs the sound from the most recent Dark Knight Rises trailer over various scenes from Disney's The Lion King.

In addition to The Lion King Rises, another great new Dark Knight Rises trailer parody is called The Dark Alfred Rises, which was uploaded by Greg & Lou present Lou & Greg. The parody starts off with the real scene of Alfred telling Bruce Wayne how precious he is to him and then adds some hilarious new scenes. Our favorite lines from the parody, "You are as good a football player as Brett Favre. I swore to him that you would play football, but you haven't, and now the football field is gone."