The Dark Knight Rises Now Available For Pre-Order From Warner


Warner Brothers, the film studio that produced and distributed Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, sent an e-mail out to their sales list this afternoon offering fans an opportunity to preorder the trilogy box, or The Dark Knight Rises separately, for delivery on the release date at a discounted price. The full series goes for $25.99 on DVD or $35.99 on Blu-Ray, while The Dark Knight Rises alone will run you $17.99 on DVD or $24.99 on Blu-ray. The Blu-ray is a combo pack (as are almost all of Warner's big titles these days, which also includes a DVD copy and an Ultraviolet digital download. The prices are exactly in line with the prices currently listed at online retail giant Amazon, and just slightly off prices from Barnes & Noble and Best Buy, with Best Buy having the best overall pricing on DVD and everyone more or less tied for Blu-ray. Best Buy will also have an exclusive steelbook package for The Dark Knight Rises, and all of the retailers will carry the deluxe "broken cowl" edition that's already been seen online. Both of those collector's editions run around $35.