The Hobbit Crosses $400 Million Global, Frozen Blows Past $300 Million

It's been a big weekend for big movies to hit big numbers at the box office.Earlier today, we [...]


It's been a big weekend for big movies to hit big numbers at the box office. Earlier today, we reported that Thor: The Dark World had crept into the $200 million club domestically--a feat surpassed only by The Hunger Games: Catching Fire passing Despicable Me 2 to become the year's #2 movie overall at the domestic box office. Well, there are a couple of other big numbers that have come into focus as the weekend box office shakes out, as well. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug crossed the $400 million mark globally, currently sitting at $403 million and change after that $31 million weekend in the U.S. gave the film a domestic gross of $127 million--which could be added to the $276 it's already brought in globally. All those numbers are roughly even with where The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, which went on to make more than $1 billion worldwide, raked in during roughly the same period in its theatrical run. That's pretty impressive, but Disney's Frozen, which started the weekend just under $300 million globally, impressed everybody by blowing past that number to almost $350 million ($344 million and change) on the strength of $19 million domestically and $35 million overseas.