The Hunger Games Prequel Adds Six New Cast Members

The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes has announced some new cast members for the prequel. Deadline reports that Max Raphael, Zoe Renee, Ayomide Adegun, Kaitlyn Akinpelumi, Sofia Sanchez and Amélie Hoeferle are ready to join the fray. So many people have been added to the mix for this movie. Lionsgate believes that it's been a while since the last movie in the franchise. Some fondness for that world has bubbled over time. Now, with the prequel, on the docket, dans are excited to see what Rachel Zegler can do alongside Tom Blyth. While the story of Katniss is far into the future, seeing the origin of Snow might really appeal to some fans. Others remain convinced that they need to see more before rendering a judgement. Unfortunately for the young actor up above, it seems likely that not all of the tributes will make it out of the first prequel alive. 

Director Francis Lawrence is getting the band back together for this entry. He directed the final three Hunger Games films. Joining this reunion are screenwriter Michael Arndy and producer Nina Jacobson. They both worked on all four of the previous Hunger Games films. So, their return has been highly anticipated as well. He talked about what Zegler is poised to bring to this prequel.

"Like everybody, I first saw Rachel Zegler in 'West Side Story,' and like everybody, I knew I was watching a star who would command the screen for a generation," Lawrence previously wrote when Zegler's casting got announced. "Lucy Gray is a perfect match for her as an actress: the character is bold, independent, and defiant, but also vulnerable, emotional, and loving. Rachel will make this character unforgettable."

"When you read Suzanne's book, Lucy Gray's emotional intelligence, physical agility, and fiercely powerful, determined singing voice shine through. Rachel embodies all of those skills — she is the perfect choice for our Lucy Gray," added Lionsgate Motion Picture Group president Nathan Kahane.

Suzanne Collins would write her statement as well. She praised the team over at the studio and relished the opportunity to work with them again on The Hunger Games. "Lionsgate has always been the cinematic home of The Hunger Games, and I'm delighted to be returning to them with this new book."

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