The Lost Boys Prequel Musical Could Arrive in 2022

It's a question that has had fans wondering since 1987, how did The Lost Boys become The Lost [...]

It's a question that has had fans wondering since 1987, how did The Lost Boys become The Lost Boys? A musical prequel to the classic horror comedy has been in development for many years now and according to composer G Tom Mac (stage name for Gerard McMahon) it could arrive soon, well, soon-ish. Speaking with SYFY, McMahon said while they were originally looking to debut the show in the fall of 2021 the show could now debut in 2022. The cast for the show is also coming together as they've been assembling their own Lost Boys across the pond. McMahon said, "It was about three weeks to a month of just finding the right people and, of course, there are incredibly talented people in New York as well, which we had brought on."

Titled A Lost Boys Story, the musical will tell the story of Kiefer Sutherland's David. He'll start the show as a Lithuanian orphan that is adopted by American parents before meeting the Max character from the original film and how he assembled the Lost Boys.

"At 17-18 [years old], he hits the road, and that's when he picks up the other vampires and basically creates a family with the three other guys," he said. "They all come from different walks of life in Middle America, the Midwest, Arizona, and then they head to California. That's when all the good stuff starts. We tried to take a twist, whereby we know the story of the movie, but we don't know how it all got there. And in the musical, we do. It's very much a story of immortality, but it's also a story about how people in their 20s think they're immortal, anyway. It kind of runs that parallel of pop culture."

Mac also revealed that the late Joel Schumacher was a champion of the musical as it remained in development, saying: "There was nobody more engaged with my musical over the past few years. He understood musical theater and we would have many conversations. I knew he was ill, but he'd get on the phone for two to three hours and go over notes and various things. He was just a wonderful human being. Intense, but that was part of his incredible personality. Great guy, I certainly miss him."

The composer also approached the topic of the long in-development Lost Boys TV series at The CW, adding: "We're interested in finding ways to tie into the TV show, cross-pollinate. There was talk about, maybe at some point, once the musical is up and running, that we could take the whole thing with the cast of people and do a whole [musical episode]."

You can watch a preview video of A Lost Boys Story in the player above and even listen to the full soundtrack for the musical over at Spotify.