Chaka Khan Didn't Get To Meet Most of The One and Only Ivan Cast

In the new Disney+ film The One and Only Ivan, Chaka Khan lends her voice to the free-spirited [...]

In the new Disney+ film The One and Only Ivan, Chaka Khan lends her voice to the free-spirited Henrietta, a chicken living in a mall circus and is among an impressive cast bringing some of the story's animal characters to life -- including Sam Rockwell, Angelina Jolie, Danny DeVito, Helen Mirren, Ron Funches, and more. While it's a cast that sounds like it would be a dream come true to work with, however, it turns out that the cast did very little actual interacting and were able to use technology to bring it all together.

Speaking with, Khan explained that most of the cast weren't in the studio together at all, though she did get to work with Danny DeVito and had high praise for him.

"If we were in the studio together, I'm sure there would be a great, mutual admiration society going on," Khan said. "However, with the technologies that we have today, throughout my career, rarely have I ever sung a duet as a duet. Wow. And the same is going on with films like this. Characters were talking from a couple different countries, at least and I was interacting only with Danny DeVito during my part, my bit. And we worked very well together. He's a wonderful, wonderful man. I love that guy and he's a great human being, and I'm very happy to have made his acquaintance and friendship, and hope we work together in the future. That'd be nice."

Despite not getting to work directly with much of the film's cast, Khan also said that she loved her character, Henrietta, and had a lot of similarities with her.

"Well, the fact that she's baseball coach, that's hot. I really love that because we have a lot of similarities, she and I, we're very well paired," Khan said. "And I'm not a baseball coach, but I'm sort of a life coach around here, and we both feel very strongly about, you know, moving forward, getting it done. Get her done, let's get her done, folks. And being I think honest and truthful. Truth means a lot to her, I think. It means everything to me. We're just really a lot alike. If you want the truth, you might wanna come to me, but you might not. You know what I mean? So, we have a lot of similarities."

The One and Only Ivan is now available on Disney+.