Titanic Returning to Theaters With Remastered Version in 2023

Over 25 years after its record-setting box office run, Titanic is heading back to theaters. Wednesday evening, new reports surfaced suggesting a remastered version of the James Cameron picture will hit cinemas next year right in time for Valentine's Day. The report from Deadline says the film will be shown internationally beginning on February 10th as Disney as distribution rights outside of the United States. Paramount has domestic distribution rights and is expected to announce release plans shortly.

According to the report, the release will find Titanic remastered in 3D 4K HDR. Cameron's longtime producing partner Jon Landau showed a glimpse of the remastered version at CineEurope Wednesday afternoon.

The film is one of the highest grossers to ever hit the box office with a monstrous $2.2 billion haul. It remained atop the box office for years until Avatar, another Cameron hit broke virtually all box office records in 2009. The flick remains on top of the list with a massive $2.8 billion haul. Sandwiched between the two flicks is Marvel's Avengers: Endgame.

A direct Avatar sequel is set from release this December, which Cameron's now deep is post-production on.

"Hi, everybody. I'm beaming in from Wellington, New Zealand, where we're hard at work putting the final touches on Avatar two," Cameron said in April. "I want to start out by saying I know it's been rough on the exhibition community these last two years. I've been making movies for 40 years, and I've never seen anything like this, not even close to threatening the business that I've dedicated my life to. I just want you to hear it from me that John and I are here to work with you. You're our partners and the best way we can do that is by delivering content that is a must-see experience at the cinema. With the first Avatar we set out to push the limits of the big screen with the new avatar films. We're pushing those limits even further, with 3d with high dynamic range, with high frame rate, higher resolution, and a much greater reality in our visual effects"

Titanic is currently streaming on Paramount+.