Todd McFarlane Reveals Ideal Release Window For 'Spawn' Movie

The Spawn movie is rolling right along, and Todd McFarlane already has an idea of when he wants it [...]

The Spawn movie is rolling right along, and Todd McFarlane already has an idea of when he wants it to hit theaters.

The Spawn creator is at the helm of the suspense thriller styled film and took some time to sit with's Jim Viscardi. Regarding his ideal release date, there is one place the film would fit just about perfectly.

"So, there's two pockets in making movies and presenting movies," McFarlane said. "There's the one that's like around the Halloween area and again given that it's going to be a creepy movie that would be the perfect spot. That's this year. I don't know if we can get the cast, the movie filmed, in the can and marketed in time for that."

If that doesn't work out though, McFarlane already has a plan B.

"So I guess what would be the next natural window would be then post-Christmas," McFarlane said. "So after all the Academy Awards and some of the big movies come out, a lot of the Star Wars stuff, that when there's a bit of a void like right now in January. I mean Insidious just came out, another Jason Blum movie. January, February, March is a good window and then all the big blockbusters start coming in April."

One thing is for sure though. McFarlane is not putting it in the middle of the summer cluster.

"At some point, you have to understand where you're at in the pecking order of any business," McFarlane said. "Summer works for big giant blockbusters right, so we're not going to have the budget to be able to compete with any of that. "

McFarlane has described the film as a suspense thriller, one that will weave the supernatural into a grounded crime story. It really seems like a perfect fit for the Halloween season, so hopefully, production will move along smoothly so the team can at least try and hit that first date. If not though, there's always January.

Spawn will be coming from Blumhouse, makers of The Purge, Paranormal Activity, and The Belko Experiment. The budget will be in the $10 million range, and no release date has been announced.