Transformers: The Last Knight Set Video Reveals Explosion And Car Crashes

The Transformers films are more known for their extensive use of CGI and often bombastic battles, and while none of that is changing for Transformers: The Last Knight, the production team is always keen on reminding you just how many practical effects are also used.

Their latest set video puts the spotlight on one such sequence, which shows 5 SUV's coming down a highway, with helicopters overhead. The vehicles are hitting about 60 mph, that is until a few explosions cause them to overturn.

Transformers Explode
(Photo: Paramount Pictures)

Director Michael Bay is sharing a great deal more behind the scenes footage this time around than on previous films, which makes sense if this is truly his last one for awhile. Bay is known for big explosions and involved vehicle sequences, and those two things seem to be front and center in The Last Knight as well.

While much isn't known about the general plotline of the upcoming fifth installment, we do know that Megatron will play an important part in the proceedings, and from the looks of things, he will be back in his original form (or a spruced up version) rather than his Galvatron guise from the last film.

The heavy rumor is that the film will also feature Bay's take on Unicron, as an earlier reveal showed off what looks to be a Junkion named Sqweeks. We'll possibly learn more at San Diego Comic-Con, which kicks off tomorrow.


Transformers: The Last Knight is scheduled to hit theaters on June 23rd, 2017.