Tremors Star Kevin Bacon Still Scratching His Head Over Sequel TV Series Not Moving Forward

Kevin Bacon finally returned to the Tremors universe for the first time in nearly 30 years by [...]

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Kevin Bacon finally returned to the Tremors universe for the first time in nearly 30 years by shooting a pilot for a planned sequel TV series back in 2018, with the star himself still perplexed as to why SYFY opted to not move forward with the project. After it was revealed that the project wouldn't be moving forward, fans were left to speculate about what had possibly gone wrong, with a number of theories emerging that Bacon's star power and the necessary visual effects needed to authentically bring the series to life would have made a long-running series too costly.

"We made an excellent pilot outside of Albuquerque, recreated the town, had a really great cast, director, and writer and to this day I still don't understand why they didn't want to move forward with it," Bacon recently shared with Dread Central. "It's a real head-scratcher for me. If I honestly thought the pilot was sh-t then I'd say we just didn't crack it but it was cool, and that's a really hard balance to get, between funny and scary, as you know, that's the sweet spot. Tremors was good at that, as were Shaun of the Dead and Get Out. But yeah, it was for a series, not a TV movie."

While the Tremors series might have earned a passionate following in the decades since it hit theaters, it was initially a financial disappointment, preventing Bacon from having any interest in returning to the franchise. Even without Bacon's involvement, the series saw a number of straight-to-video sequels, including a Tremors 7, which is slated to debut later this year.

Despite SYFY passing on the series, Bacon previously expressed that he was holding out hope that the project could find life at a new home.

"I have a very specific thing that happened, which was I wanted to reboot Tremors. And worked very hard on it and did a fantastic pilot with Blumhouse," Bacon shared with Variety last December. "Andrew Miller was the writer of it. We shot the pilot. I thought it was cool and SYFY decided not to go forward with it. I liked that character because it was the only character I really looked at and said, 'I wanna know where he is 25 years later.' We left him at a certain point, he had this extraordinary thing with these worms, underground worms. He's not a smart man, kind of a loser, but he was able to fight these worms. Now let's see what happened to him 25 years down the line."

Stay tuned for details on the possible future for the Tremors TV series.

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