Wonder Woman 1984 TV Spot Reveals Hilarious New Footage

DC FanDome is taking place on Saturday, and the whole event is kicking off with a Wonder Woman 1984 panel. While DC fans are hoping to see something new from the movie that day, they were also treated to a little something today. A new TV spot for DC FanDome showcased Wonder Woman 1984 and featured some hilarious new footage of Chris Pine's Steve Trevor learning about the mysteries of 1980s fashion.

"Parachute pants? Does everybody parachute now?" Steve asks Diana. You can check out the clip, which was captured by a fan from their TV screen, in a tweet below:

According to Gadot, Diana will open the events of WW84 in a unique situation -- where she's happy, but also dealing with the loneliness of not having any close relationships.

"I think she's very happy to be here, and I think she's quite lonely. She's engaging with people, but she doesn't have any close relationships -- because it's either she's going to hurt them, at some point she'll have to disappear,or she's going to get hurt, because they'll die and she won't. I think she accepted [that] as fact. At her core, her calling is to be here and to help mankind to do good, and that's exactly what she's doing. But she's still missing the one who was the love of her life. She never got to really explore the relationship. And that's it. But she's happy. She's very happy."


DC FanDome's Hall of Heroes will kick off with Wonder Woman 1984, featuring Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins and a new look at the film plus a special surprise. Other titles like The Suicide Squad and The Batman will be offering up some big news and first looks, as well. Titles such as The Flash, Aquaman 2, Black Adam, and Shazam! 2 will also have their casts and directors on hand to preview what's to come, likely revealing looks in the form of concept art as production has not begun on those titles just yet. Te schedule reveal also came with the first official titling of the upcoming Suicide Squad game, officially named Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

More info about Wonder Woman 1984 will be dropping on August 22nd during the DC FanDome! Wonder Woman 1984 is currently scheduled to be released in theatres on October 2nd.