David Fincher to Direct World War Z 2

It appears that - after quite a bit of delay - development of the World War Z sequel is officially [...]

It appears that - after quite a bit of delay - development of the World War Z sequel is officially underway, with a fan-favorite director at the helm.

Variety is reporting that David Fincher will direct World War Z 2, which is expected to be officially greenlit by Paramount in the near future. Brad Pitt will return for the franchise's second outing, but no other casting is known at this time. Production is rumored to begin in early 2018.

While the project was initially announced quite some time ago, it was presumed to be doomed when Paramount removed it from its release schedule back in February. Before that, the film was expected to be released in June of this year, but was reportedly sidetracked by Pitt's divorce with Angelina Jolie, as well as a change in CEOs over at Paramount. With the first World War Z earning over $500 million, many had hoped and expected that a sequel would eventually see the light of day.

We first speculated around February that Fincher would be helming the project, and that the auteur had plans to completely change the direction of the franchise, opting instead for a smaller scale family drama set in the same universe.

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Considering Fincher's varied body of work, he is a surprising, but natural fit to take over the successful franchise. His previous films - including Panic Room, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and Zodiac - often find the perfect balance between bloody and dramatic. It's also been a while since Fincher has taken on a feature film, with his most recent being 2014's Gone Girl.

And considering the director's past experience with Pitt - having worked with him on Fight Club, Se7en, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - their partnership on World War Z 2 should excite many.

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