Young Avengers Project Rumored to Be Coming Soon From Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios has had plenty of time this year to work on putting new projects into development behind the scenes, and one recent report suggests a fan-favorite property could be heading to the silver screen sooner rather than latter. A new scoop from Murphy's Multiverse reveals a batch of new production companies formed by Disney, one, of which, may point to the arrival of the Young Avengers.

According to the scooper supreme, the three production companies formed include Standoffish Productions, Log Jam Productions, and Blueberry Waffles Productions — that last one serving as the inspiration to aid in the Young Avengers development thought process. As Multiverse's Arlyn Murphy points out, there was a time when the eponymous group of young heroes continually met at Joe's Diner to eat breakfast. During one of the issues, Kid Loki demands blueberry pancakes.

Is it a stretch? Yes. But there's been substantial evidence that Marvel Studios riffs off the actual content of the movie or television in development, like the Ant-Man franchise being developed under Pym Partickles Productions III LLC.

It also helps the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been laying the groundwork for an eventual teenage superhero team-up for quite some time. To date, we've gotten Emma Fuhrmann's Cassie Lang, who can assume one of several mantles from Stinger to Giant-Girl, Stature, or Ant-Girl. Then there's the presumed casting of America Chavez in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, plus speculation Loki could see the debut of Kid Loki. Even more, Kate Bishop is also confirmed to appear in Hawkeye.

Just to serve as the cherry on top of that all, all of the marketing material released for Disney+'s WandaVision suggests we're getting "The Twins" in the series too, who both appear in Young Avengers as Speed and Wiccan.


For the uninitiated, Disney — and subsequently Marvel Studios — form a separate company for each film or series, all in an effort to help with the massive machine that is Hollywood accounting. That's why the Kevin Feige-led outfit gets creative with its production company names, largely in part because the studio has dozens of projects in active development at any given time as it can't repeat itself from production to production.

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