Alan Moore's Jerusalem Cover And Description Revealed

Alan Moore's long-awaited novel Jerusalem is almost here, and to celebrate the occasion [...]

Alan Moore Jerusalem

Alan Moore's long-awaited novel Jerusalem is almost here, and to celebrate the occasion Entertainment Weekly debuted the book's cover, which was also done by Moore.

Jerusalem is set in Moore's hometown of Northhampton, and blends together various styles and eras, exploring Moore's childhood whilst tackling other unique themes. For example, there is a chapter based on Lucia Joyce, which is "completely incomprehensible...all written in a completely invented sub-Joycean text" (via The Guardian). Same goes for another chapter that is styled in the vein of a noir crime story.

(Photo: Alan Moore)

Here is the official description.

"In the half a square mile of decay and demolition that was England's Saxon capital, eternity is loitering between the firetrap housing projects. Embedded in the grubby amber of the district's narrative among its saints, kings, prostitutes, and derelicts a different kind of human time is happening, a soiled simultaneity that does not differentiate between the petrolcolored puddles and the fractured dreams of those who navigate them. Fiends last mentioned in the second-century Book of Tobit wait in urine-scented stairwells, the delinquent specters of unlucky children undermine a century with tunnels, and in upstairs parlors laborers with golden blood reduce fate to a snooker tournament."

Look out for the book on September, 13th 2016.

via Entertainment Weekly

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