Amazing Spider-Man #700 Ending Draws Harsh Reaction From Fans

Amazing Spider-Man #700

As reported earlier today, the ending to Amazing Spider-Man #700 has leaked early online. Since the comic isn’t scheduled to be released until December 26, we won’t spoil the surprise here. However, we did think it might be fun to look at the reaction from fans who have looked at the spoilers.

Without giving away the ending, here is what fans are saying after Amazing Spider-Man #700 on Twitter.

Quinn Aulmann tweeted, “ @DanSlott I could not have thought of a more ridiculous ending than what you did in Spider-man 700. Comics are dead.”

Derek Ruiz tweeted, “Wow saw the Spider-man #700 spoiler...yea I don't think I like this idea.”

William Carpenter tweeted, “I've got so many words to say about that Amazing Spider-Man #700 leak, and none of them are good. Man, comic books. Why are you so dumb?”

Mahoumelonball tweeted, “Just read the ending to Spider-Man #700. Never been so sad, and disappointed...”

Phil Mansfield tweeted, “Just seen the spoilers for Amazing Spider-Man #700, looking forward to not buying Superior Spider-Man when it comes out.”

Jawsh Murdoch tweeted, “@DanSlott You thought Spider-man had a lot of Nemesis, wait'll ya get the #700 Twitter-backlash! You should market Spider-themed pitchforks.”

Prof. A. Falconer tweeted, “After reading about what happens in Amazing Spider-Man 700, I'm just going to read Captain Marvel and avoid the rest of the Marvel Universe.”

Gabriel Coleman tweeted, “Just read Spider-Man 700 spoilers. @DanSlott has ruined one of the most iconic, beloved characters in comics. Good job, you hack.”

Johnie Hill tweeted, “f the spoilers I just read for Amazing Spider-Man #700 turn out to be true, I'm done with @Marvel Comics.”

William Gordon tweeted, “Just read the spoiler for ASM #700 (never read the series so I'm not fussed), I am less interested in Superior Spider-Man now though.”

Are you noticing a trend in all these tweets? Of course, Amazing Spider-Man writer Dan Slott was not without his defenders. We did find one person, who basically said that everyone needs to read the full issue before they judge Dan Slott.

Carlos Rodriguez tweeted, “Just read spoilers for Amazing Spider-Man 700. And it's out of context I don't have the full issue in front of me to judge. Not fair to Dan.”


And we also did find one comic book retailer, who seems pretty excited about all the sales that this highly controversial issue will likely generate. tweeted, “I'm kinda liking the Amazing Spider-Man #700 spoilers. BOLD. Let's see some national press @Marvel !”