Amazon's Kindle Worlds Store Opens, Featuring "Official" Valiant Fan Fiction


A little over half a dozen Valiant Entertainment prose stories became available today with the launch of Kindle Worlds, Amazon's new program wherein fan fiction authors can legally sell their works based on a selection of licensed universes. If you've been sitting on that X-O Manowar or Vampire Diaries fan fiction for years, then, today is the day to submit it to the site--and if you're just a fan of those properties, there's inexpensive new content available now. Familiar names like Robert Rodi and Stuart Moore are among those who have written launch titles for the Valiant Entertainment store front; there are seven stories, six of which are $0.99 each and the seventh--the only X-O Manowar story--will run you $1.99. Royalties are split between the author and the copyright owner, with Amazon being the one who handles the money and takes a cut. As an added bonus for the intellectual property holders, the "canon"--e.g., stories officially released by the original publishers of the stories--are given their own shelves within the Kindle Worlds virtual store, too, so that fans in there to check out Archer & Armstrong, for example, can buy Fred Van Lente's comics at the same time.