Archie Collections Coming from IDW Publishing!

Archie's been a very busy man! The recently-engaged (to Veronica, in case you missed it), [...]

Archie's been a very busy man! The recently-engaged (to Veronica, in case you missed it), redhead has had all sorts of attention focused on him lately, and now here comes more! IDW Publishing has announced big plans for the character in 2010, due to the release of several collections featuring the Riverdale High cast of characters! One of the most anticipated parts of the release will be Archie: The Best of Dan DeCarlo Volume One. The collection, due out in May, 2010, will feature art from the man who many consider to the be the Archie artist, Dan DeCarlo, who worked on the series for close to fifty years. The selections going into this volume were chosen by those who knew DeCarlo's work the best, and the works have been recolored to burst off the page! Another release, Archie: The Classic Newspaper Comics, Volume One, will reprint many Archie comic strips from 1946-1948, and some of the material in this book will be reprinted for the first time! Part of IDW's new Library of American Comics imprint, the book will be showcasing the evolution of Bob Montana's characters over these formative years. A third volume, Archie: Pureheart the Powerful, will collect the comics from a, shall we say, "memorable" era in Archie's history, the publishing of superhero parody stories from the 1960's. The series didn't last long, but like most other things Archie related, it's worth reading! Greg Goldstein, IDW's chief operating officer, agreed, saying, "Archie is one of the most influential comics on popular culture and we are really looking forward to starting our collections by offering these new books to fans. Each book offers a new and different way for fans to enjoy or even rediscover this classic comic, with many more to come." Be sure to collect these volumes, whether you're a new reader or someone who has followed the rivalries, misadventures and superhero antics of the Riverdale gang for years!