Arrow Casts Dr. Who's River Song as Dinah Lance


Alex Kingston, who played River Song on Doctor Who, will be making her way to Arrow to portray Dinah Lance, the mother of  Laurel Lance and ex-wife of Quentin. In the comic books, Dinah Lance and her daughter Dinah Laurel Lance shared the identity of Black Canary over the years, with the daughter having a long-term romantic relationship with Green Arrow/Oliver Queen that culminated with the pair's marriage before the Flashpoint event rebooted the DC Universe. The mother, along with the rest of the Golden Age Justice Society of America, have been retroactively written out of the current DC continuity. Kingston is the third Doctor Who star to appear on Arrow, as Green Arrow TV points out. Besides John Barrowman, who plays Merlyn the Dark Archer, Colin Salmon, who plays Walter Steele on the hit CW series, actually appeared in Kingston's first appearance on Doctor Who.