Arrow Season 4: Coast City Art Teases Green Lantern

The Arrow Verse just got a little bit bigger—and greener.Arrow Executive Producer Marc [...]

The Arrow Verse just got a little bit bigger—and greener.

Arrow Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim recently posted a teaser image of Coast City, the fictional home of fellow DC Comics superhero Green Lantern. The promotional image also cleverly works in the Green Lantern Oath into the city's tagline.

The teaser image follows up on a reference made to Coast City during Arrow's third season. The show's cast and crew did say that Arrow Season 4 would embrace the more fantastical side of the DC Universe, and it doesn't get much more out there than Green Lantern. Whether or not Green Arrow and company will actually meet Coast City's famous denizens, like Hal Jordan or Carol Ferris, remains to be seen. The city could just be a fun nod to the greater DC Universe, but answers will surely come soon enough.

Are you excited to see Coast City on Arrow? Do you think it will lead to Green Lantern's appearance? Let us know in the comments!

Arrow Season 4 premieres October 7 at 8:00 on the CW.