Arrow Season Finale Expanded By 1 Minute, 15 Seconds


The CW have just issued a statement indicating that Arrow's Season Two finale, titled "Unthinkable," will run for a minute and fifteen seconds longer than was originally planned. Revised listings for the May 14 and May 15 schedules indicate that Arrow will gain the extra 75 seconds, and that The Vampire Diaries will get another 57 seconds, with the difference apparently coming out of The 100 and Reign (or their ad time), respectively. What will they do with the time? Well, the obvious choice would be to tease what's coming up next year, by way of a post-credits tease of some kind...or, in Arrow's case, perhaps a glimpse at the world of The Flash, the Arrow spinoff launching in the fall. Could that minute-and-fifteen-second expansion be related to the promised blockbuster news on Arrow star Stephen Amell's Facebook page Wednesday? (Of course, it could always just be that they sold additional airtime -- but that's a less exciting prospect.)