Bizarre New Pokemon Revealed for Pokemon Sun and Moon

cucumber pokemon
(Photo: CoroCoro)

Yesterday, reported on several new Pokemon revealed in this week's issue of CoroCoro, a Japanese manga magazine. More pages from the magazine have leaked out onto the Internet, one of which shows a bizarre new Pokemon that will appear in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

The Pokemon's Japanese name is Namakobushi and appears to be based on a sea cucumber, a strange underwater creature known for puking out its guts as a defense mechanism. Namakobushi can also eject its internal organs, but it then uses them as a fist to attack its enemy. CoroCoro did not give any information on Namakobushi's type or abilities.

While Namakobushi resembles a sea bunny slug, an adorable sea slug found off the coasts of Japan, its name is a pretty clear indication of the Pokemon's origins. "Namako" is the Japanese word for sea cucumber and "Kobushi" is the Japanese word for fist.

Like the other Pokemon revealed last week, we'll likely learn this Pokemon's English name and more info on Friday, when the Pokemon Company is set to make another announcement about Pokemon Sun and Moon.