Bruce Timm's Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles Gets 2nd Season Pickup Before Debut

In June, DC Comics, WB Animation and Machinima with Bruce Timm take audiences to a 'dark [...]


In June, DC Comics, WB Animation and Machinima with Bruce Timm take audiences to a "dark alternative universe," where Superman is the son of General Zod, Wonder Woman is the daughter of the War Nation of Ares, and Batman is a Vampire Bat – and not Bruce Wayne. This is the world of Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles, the new animated series coming from Machinima this summer.

That's the news for comic book fans out of the Machinima: Heroes Rise event in NYC today.

A sizzle reel revealed the series a bit. It has a disturbing new take on Harley Quinn, wielding a chainsaw and attacking people. Batman-vampire bit Harley Quinn in the trailer as well. There's a Lex Luthor who looks like a fairly respected member of the political community, and lots of action.

Bruce Timm took the stage to introduce fans to the show.

"I've always been fans of alternate universe stories, like the classic Star Trek episode "Mirror Mirror." (And that's why Zod-Superman has a goatee). It's not that there's anything wrong with the traditional versions of these characters, I just wanted to try something new," Timm said.

The series has already gotten a second season pickup by Machinima, ahead of its season one debut. The second season will debut in 2016, and Timm teased a few new characters fans will see in that season. "We're going to try to squeeze in as many new versions of characters as possible. We have Mary Marvel, a Pam Grier version of Captain Marvel (complete with lightning-bolt adorned dress, curves, and afro). Steel, who's nearly all robot, and a scary-looking alien Green Lantern."