Buzz Lightyear Premium Disney Infinity Figure Revealed

When Disney officially cancelled their future plans for their beloved Disney Infinity, fans were certainly taken by surprise.

While the studio did release the previously scheduled characters, including their Finding Dory themed set, there were plenty of other planned characters that will never see the light of day. That also extends to their premium Infinity figures, which had the ability to light up in certain sections.

Buzz Lightyear Disney Infinity Prem figure 2

Infiniteer Adventures has unveiled the last in the premium figures set, that being the endearing space captain from Toy Story, Buzz Lightyear. Buzz is mid-takeoff, as the smoke from his jetpack forms the bulk of his base. It appears that the blue motion streak would have lit up, and overall it's a stellar figure, like most of the Disney Infinity line. It joins Elsa (with snowgies from Frozen Fever), Hulk (Age of Ultron), Hulkbuster (Age of Ultron), Jack Skellington, and Darth Vader as premium figures that will be indefinitely shelved.

The cancellation also put a halt to figures that were further in production, like Doctor Strange, Peter Pan, Jafar, Spider-Gwen, and a Rogue One: A Star Wars Story themed playset. For those who still own the game, the servers are still live, but it is unknown when the company will eventually decide to shut down the servers.