Charizard Featured In New Pokemon Fighting Game

Well, I mean obviously every one's favorite fire/flying-type of Pokemon will be included in Pokemon's newest fighting game offering: Pokken Tournament.

Pokken Tournament is a new arcade fighting game (out in Japan on July 16th, but sadly no US release date yet) featuring some of your favorite Pokemon to slug it out with your friends. Check out what Charizard has to offer in the clip below.

Definitely look like his blaze and solar power attacks and even the ability to evolve into Mega Charizard X.

So if Charizard isn't your guy, there's always Weavile.

The game looks to be a 3D area-style fighter sort of like Tekken or Soul Calibur, giving your monsters plenty of room to go at it with each other. The intro has been released as well, giving you an idea of who you can all play as.


Did you catch your favorite in the intro? Would you be into playing this should it finally make it to the US?